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Instant Custom Patterns

From shirts to wetsuits, our technology allows you to create bespoke apparel patterns instantly. Bespokify spells the end for standard sizing. Welcome to the future of mass-custom fashion.

The future of fashion. An ethical way forward.

Bespoke apparel eliminates over-production & waste, damage to the environment, and labour exploitation in developing countries. You also get high-quality perfect-fitting clothes, each and every time.

Who Needs It

Eliminate returns due to bad fit. Offer your collection bespoke so your designs fit every customer, every time.

Standard sizing simply does not work with online retail. What if you could ensure ideal fit by automatically tailoring your designs to any customer? What if you could also give them the power to choose custom details and produce only when an item has sold?
We simply convert your existing patterns into Bespokify. Your customers purchase and customise products on your website and we deliver order details and patterns to your manufacturer (don't have a bespoke manufacturer? We can find you one).

From corporate uniforms to combat gear, produce custom apparel with mass-production efficiency.

Capture measurements easily with 3D body scanners or simple hand measurements. Bespokify creates and delivers production-ready custom patterns for bulk or piece-by-piece manufacturing. We're the missing piece to make your mass-custom production scalable.
Bespokify can add any apparel product your clients need. This can include tailored outfits for hotels and airlines, right through to high-performance tactile and sporting gear designed to maximise the range of movement, comfort and safety of the wearer.

Unlock a new premium market for your patterns. Offer your collections bespoke without any effort.

Your customers want patterns that fit them or someone they know. What if you could automatically tailor your patterns to your customers own measurements? Further, what if you could give them the power to choose their own design details? It's all possible with Bespokify.
We simply convert your existing patterns into Bespokify. Your customers purchase and customise the patterns on your website and we deliver the bespoke pattern instantly via our API to your order-fulfillment system or direct to the customer. All we take is a flat-rate per pattern.

Scale your production without needing cutters. Enjoy consistent & fast pattern drafting without labour headaches.

Whether you rely on experienced cutters drafting by hand, or expensive made-to-measure CAD systems driven by trained operators, bespoke pattern-making is hugely reliant on skilled human labour. This creates production bottlenecks, inconsistencies, and human resource headaches.
This is one area where automation is desperately needed. Bespokify replaces your cutters with a simple web application that can operate 24/7. Our API accepts measurements and order details straight from your website, and automatically generates, plots, and cuts fully custom patterns instantly.

3D Body Scan Compatible

Create bespoke patterns direct from 3D body scans. We integrate with all the major 3D scanning vendors, including TG3D, SizeStream, and mPort, with many more to come.

Now you can capture measurements and generate custom patterns in one breath. Pretty cool, right?

Lloyd Boolkin says

"Bespokify has given us the ability to launch our fashion startup by eliminating huge costs other brands face. The ability to produce bespoke patterns on demand allows us move quickly with trends, as well as set them. This model has also heavily reduced our startup overheads and inventory issues. Bespokify is the future of fashion and we feel very blessed to begin our journey with Marc and his team."

Sarah Chessis says

"Bespokify does what no other entity has ever been able to achieve. The management team are awesome, especially the founder Marc, although he really should be called ‘Sir Marc’. He is a genius."


Simple pricing that scales with your business

We want Bespokify to support fashion businesses, big and small, so our pricing scales based on what you use. Subscriptions start at $59/month and include access to our full technology stack.
We also offer development packages that cover adding custom patterns, manufacturing automation, eCommerce integration, 3D virtualisation, customisers/configurators, and on-demand production.


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